Tips Tuesday – Herb freshness

My preference is always for herbs fresh out of the garden.  But, seasons don’t always provide.  Especially now that the frost has started in the mornings in Canberra.

So, my tip for this Tips Tuesday, is for keeping store bought herbs fresh for as long as possible.  Pop your herbs in a water glass that has an inch of water in the bottom.  Cover with plastic wrap loosely and pop in the door of your fridge.

Keeping the herbs in water like this means they’ll keep for at least a week.  This coriander is in dirt, so it will keep especially well.  However, this method also works with cut herbs.  Just be sure to change the water every couple of days to keep it fresh.

  Did you like this?


  1. I’ll have to try this. In the past, I’ve wrapped fresh herbs in a paper towel placed inside a plastic bag. It works well, but I like your idea better because of how appealing it is to have the herbs lined up and in view. It’s too easy to forget you have them when they’re wrapped up.

  2. Parsley, I keep in a clean old coffee jar. No water, just wash & dry, pop in jar less the stems. Ready to chop when needed. Easy to see when the parsley is getting low. Keeps two weeks!

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