NSW South Coast continued… Freedom, Sangria and The Barn

Our last stretch on the NSW South Coast was at Mimosa Rocks National Park, camping at Gillards Campground.  Just north of Tathra, this is one of our favourite National Parks now.  Our site overlooked the beach and there were plenty of mountain biking opportunities to keep Adrian as happy as a pig in mud.

There was plenty to explore in Mimosa Rocks National Park.  On Nelson Beach we met a couple of old surfies who were incredibly passionate about life, spring and Nelson Beach and Lagoon.  Their enthusiasm was infectious.  The wildflowers and birdlife here was really special.  Wow – I just flicked over to ABC to discover that Nelson Mandela has passed.  An inspiring place with the namesake of an inspiring leader.  We are so fortunate to live the ultimate freedom. 

We had a great date night whilst camping here – drinking Sangria in the dunes.  Date nights, a new Adrian prescription, are a weekly occurrence now.  We take it in turns to make a special dinner for each other.  Often with themes.  At Pretty Beach, Adrian did Spanish tapas night with Sangria.  Here I did Mexican enchilada night.  We both love Sangria, using this Taste recipe, over anything Tequila based, so the theme didn’t really carry the whole way this time.

Our favourite discovery was Bithry Inlet.  Sparkling clear water, birds nesting and perfectly blue skies.  

Whilst at Bithry Inlet we entered a Round the Twist story.  No lighthouse.  But certainly a place where strange things happen.  We found The Barn.  Well, frankly, we wouldn’t have found it if Adrian hadn’t befriended someone on the beach who told him to climb up through the bushes to see something cool.

The story seems to go that: a famous, and it would seem, slightly eccentric, architect Sir Roy Grounds designed and built this idiosyncratic solution to glamping in the mid-60s.  The property was eventually donated to the public and a stoush seems to continue about its proper purpose.  I say slightly eccentric, because Sir Grounds (what a great name for an architect?!) is also responsible for designing the Australian Academy of Science Shine Dome.  A venue in Canberra that I’ve driven past many-a-time, and attended public lectures at.  There’s no doubt about the fact that this building is bizarre and awesome.  I do acknowledge that perhaps these buildings are products of their time, and maybe weren’t considered so odd when they were built?!  Either way, I love his style and would love to use some of these designs in our future home.  You know, the one we will have when we don’t live in a home with wheels.  I’d love to read more about Sir Grounds, as he seems to have left his mark in Hobart and Melbourne as well as Canberra and the South Coast.

Who wouldn’t love to live in The Barn?!

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