Tathra… goodbye New South Wales

We only stayed one night in our beloved town of Tathra, a pit stop for groceries and laundry on our journey south.  Couldn’t not share with you these snaps from around the wharf though. 

Tathra is one of the best weekend away locations from Canberra, and we love it there.  We had great fish and chips for dinner from Tathra Seafoods and ate it sitting on the sand dunes, much to the green-eyed-envy of many a seagull.  They use those super crunchy Japanese/panko breadcrumbs.  Tathra Seafoods do, I mean, not the seagulls, that would be weird.  I had the fish of the day with chips and it was delicious.  Crispy chips and juicy perfectly cooked fish.  We also had a burger here and it was pretty good.  This place is cheap, clean and pumping out great food.  I think the place must have changed hands in recent years.

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Perhaps I’m banging on about this fish and chips place a bit much, but we’ve had that many fish and chip dinners on the trek so far and it’s really rare that you get really good fish and chips.  Usually the chips are soggy and the batter on the fish is claggy.  But, we love good fish and chips, and it’s too messy to make at home so we keep trudging through claggy batter on our quest to discover all the best fish and chip joints in Australia!  If you know of one we need to try, please post a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

We drove to Bega for a big shop and bought a giant block of Bega Tasty cheese, given we’d just driven by Bega’s beautiful dairy fields, it seemed like the right thing to do.  And it proved tasty, indeedy.  I don’t know why, but I don’t normally buy Bega cheese.  It’s been delicious though, so perhaps I will pop it in the trolley again in the future.

Although we didn’t go to the Tilba based, South Coast Cheese factory on this trip through the South Coast, I did pick up a block of Tasty and a block of Mozzarella cheese from an independent supermarket somewhere along the way.  The Mozzarella the South Coast Cheese people make is some of the best Australian melting Mozzarella I’ve eaten.  I wish I’d found this earlier, because they stock in some Canberra stores!  Oh well.  It was delicious on pizzas while it lasted.  I notice they don’t list the Mozzarella on their website.  Not sure if that means it’s new.  But if so, I hope they keep making it and get it stocked everywhere – seriously it was good.

This is the last report from New South Wales.  We are now in Victoria and this time next week, we’ll be in Tasmania!  Suddenly time is moving really fast….

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  1. Wow wow wow! Everything looks fantastic. Is Adrian doing a Cathaline ( Sox & thongs?) Not a good look, you need ugg boots. :( :)

  2. seems beautiful there :)!!

  3. Hieke, we have to stop not meeting like this!! I am arriving in Tathra today!! As we will have a month here at a friend’s house, we will have lots of opportunities to check out the Fish & chips.

  4. I adore Tathra, it’s such a beautiful little hidden gem.

    My husband regularly went there on holidays when he was growing up. Looking at your pictures has me nudging him and telling him we’re very overdue for a trip there!

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