Craft – Easter Crochet

I’ve been hooking away at some Easter crochet crafts, which I thought you may like to hear about.

Firstly, I made the above bunny, who is super cute and was super easy to make.  The pattern design is by the Green Dragonfly.  I’ve only recently discovered this blog, but have already made a long list of her crochet designs to try.  Her designs are gorgeous and this Easter Bunny’s pattern was really easy to follow.  You can hop along to this link to follow her tutorial and make a Bunny for yourself, just in time for Easter.

The other great and easy Easter crochet pattern I’ve been using this last week is by Lacy Crochet.  Unfortunately, I have packed up all the mini easter eggs I made from this pattern and sent them away as Easter gifts and I didn’t photograph them before they went to the post office.  There are great photos on Lacy Crochet’s blog though.  I made two eggs and stitched them together to make a 3D hanging ornament – perfect for your Osterbaum.  If you’ve never heard of an Osterbaum, or Easter tree, it is a fabulous German tradition and you can find a lots of inspiration to make your own at this Pinterest link, by Ana Meng.  I have many fond memories of blowing and painting eggs as a child for our family’s Osterbaum.  I’m sad to not have one up this year, but it’s a bit of a fragile construction for a caravan on the move.

Have you been crafting in anticipation of Easter?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. PETA herrling says:

    Wow Heike the bunny is just divine! I love your colour combinations, very talented girl! I’m sure it will make someone a very special friend. Next you could try your skills at matching beanies for Adrian and yourself. Winter is not far away now. Love mum x x. :) :)

  2. Loved this post Heike :) You are one clever lady and the bunny is simply adorable. Thank you for all the info too – I just love some of Green Dragonfly’s pattens and look forward to adding them to my to do list :) Maybe I’ll try making a little bunny for my niece..I think she would love it. XX

  3. Oo that bunny is soo cute !thanks for the links Heike :)

  4. I’ve never heard of Osterbaum, but I might have to make one of some sort for Easter dinner at my mom’s house. I won’t be crocheting anything, but I have a couple other ideas!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous bunny!

  6. Your bunny is adorable!

  7. Heike this is a lovely post. Cute and quirky. I am going to try it out. Thanks!

  8. So cute Heike! I’ve been wanting to crochet a bunny for a while now – this is just what I need to practice! :)

  9. I was very slack and didn’t do any Easter craft other than some colouring in and some super easy Rocky Road Easter bunny baking – next year! Loved your cute little rabbit!

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