Travel – Bruny Island, Tasmania (Part 1)

Come with me to Bruny Island.  I hope you’re feeling fit, because we’ll be climbing these stairs every day.

Hideous, I know.  But, I promise it will be worth it.  Look at the view:

A much nicer view from this angle, right?  After all that exercise!  *phew*

Bruny Island has a long, thin neck connecting two bodies of land – isn’t it stunning?

We can take nice photos together like this one.

We can stay and watch the sunset from here too.

The barge over was nice.

Finally a reasonably priced barge for caravans!  A far better price than that they charge for Kangaroo Island or across from the Yorke Peninsula to the Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia.  I suppose it is quite a short distance in comparison.  Bookings aren’t required, the ferry goes often through the day and it only takes about 20 minutes to cross.

There is so much more of Bruny that I want to show you – including, most importantly, the delicious food!  I’ll post more on this fabulous location shortly.  I think, of all the places in the world I’ve been, Bruny Island is one of my favourite destinations.

What do you think of Bruny so far? 

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  1. Wow – those first two photos are amazing! I can feel the wind in my hair and the burn in my calves and quads! :)

  2. Hi Heicke, I was wondering what part of gorgeous Tassie you would see next. You are so right, Bruny is wonderfull, it is one of my fave places in the world too. I had a weekend there a few weekends ago (Dennes Point), and it is still with me. It looks like you are having fab weather! Your lovely photos are giving me serious Tas -envy now, have fun.

  3. Photos look amazing! And just looking at those stairs makes me tired….

  4. Fantastic photos, sure looks the perfect place. Stairs are amazing, that would beat ten flights at the RBH. At least there was a short level break in between. You both look great. Heike you seem to have lost a fair bit of weight. Must be your new fitness level. Well done. looking forward to reading all about the Bruny food, sure to be amazing! Love Mum xx :) :)

  5. Love it! Was it windy at the top??

  6. cat@thatbettiething says:

    Hi Heike,
    I love that view. I always have! At least the Bruny Ferry makes up for the Spirit!! Looking forward to part 2. X

  7. Spectacular photos Heike! Eeeek – those stairs, but yes – the view is worth it! I’ve never been to Bruny Island – would love to go! Looking forward to the next instalment!

  8. Bruny Island is seriously incredible!

  9. thatsummerfeeling1 says:

    Oh wow. Those photos are amazing. I feel like I was there. Off to read part 2 now.

  10. Love Bruny…been a few dear friend Amity lives right next to the Cheese factory near the spit! My sister lived in Hobart for a long time…she is married to a Taswegian…she used to rave about it.Have walked those steps fact, one evening we found a baby alive doll sitting in the rain up the top. We found her again there the next day…and took her with us. A few days later, she must of dried out from the rain she was drenched in while sitting there..and as we drove around Bruny…she suddenly started crying. Scared the bejesus out of us!!!!She is called…Bruny, and still lives with us. We call Bruny Island…The island, off an island, off an island:i.e. great post!

    • Heike Herrling says:

      This is a fabulous story! HA! What a strange place to find a baby alive doll. I do hope the original ‘mummy’ wasn’t too distressed at leaving it behind. Thanks for sharing this story Shani – it’s connecting stories like this that make me LOVE blogging. The island, off an island, off an island = <3 it!!!
      Now, can I become friends with this Amity too? She seems like a well located person to have as a friend 😀 xx

  11. Love the photos mate – awesome work!


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