Travel – Bruny Island (Part 2)

As promised, here is Bruny Island 2.0 – the food edition: a foodies’ tour of Bruny Island.  I’ll pop a few landscape shots in here too – just to remind you where we are eating.

Bruny Island is best known for oysters and cheese.  Need I say more?  If we are friends, than nope, probably not.

Today we’ll be going to:

Oyster crates at Get Shucked, Bruny Island

This is me, happy as a pig in mud who is scoffing oysters, at Get Shucked on Bruny Island.  These oysters are among the most delicious I have ever eaten.  I was happily ready to tell you at the time that Bruny Island oysters were the best in Australia (if not the world), but to be honest, I’ve since eaten amazing rival oysters in St Helens in Tasmania and in Coffin Bay and Cowell in South Australia.  The point is – I couldn’t pick a favourite tasting oyster out of the lot of them.  Australian waters just breed the most delicious oysters.  Especially when you have the joy of eating them fresh from the producer.


Get Shucked is a fully licensed oyster bar with oodles of hipster atmosphere.  You can sit and watch the good oyster farmers sorting their day’s harvest, whilst you sip on fabulous Tasmanian wines and slurp up freshly shucked oysters.

I concede that not everything in life is best naked (thanks to that Seinfeld episode for clearing that one up), but these babies are best nude, in my humble opinion.  You can trust me.  We tested them a lot.  We ate at Get Shucked every day for 4 days.  It was reasonably priced, great quality and offered a very pleasant experience.

As you can see, we did try their Mother in Law’s Kilpatrick too.  It was nice, if a little sweet for our tastes.  We went back to naked.

Get Shucked on Urbanspoon

I’ve since developed my own killer recipe for Oyster’s Kilpatrick and I will be sharing it with you shortly.

Now for a scenic interlude.

The above photo is from the top of the stairs I showed you in the last post.  We camped in the Bruny Island Neck Reserve for the first few nights.  The camp spot was just a few moments drive to the Neck staircase and a little further up the road was Get Shucked and the Bruny Island Cheese Company (but more on that soon).

The later few days of our stay on Bruny Island were spent on the far south of the island, at the South Bruny National Park.  That area had a great lighthouse and looked something like this:

The photos actually don’t do this place justice.  The water in these two bays was the brightest shimmering sapphire blue I’ve ever seen.  It was spectacular.

Now that we’ve worked up an appetite again, let’s go to Hotel Bruny.  We didn’t have a reservation, which was a mistake.  The place was packed – despite it being a weekday.  Luckily, the nice man behind the bar found a way to squeeze us into a comfy spot in the corner.

The Fish Platter was delicious.  It was an unusual mix of things on a plate for a seafood platter and I’m not 100% sure it really came together.  When everything is piled up on top of itself, the mix of hot and cold seafood can be confusing.  Perhaps it was the presentation which made it feel like things didn’t really go together.  In any case, what this Fish Platter lost in presentation was made up for, by the fact that everything was local, fresh and super tasty.

I particularly fell in love with the Bruny Island Smoked Atlantic Salmon.  The smoked salmon was unlike any I’d ever had before.  The whole salmon steak was deeply smoked.  Each piece of salmon flaked away in big chunks, was super moist and tasted almost like bacon and salmon had come together to make a delicious love child.  Some may have found that the flavour was too strong and too smoky, perhaps loosing a bit of the delicate salmon flavour.  That may be true, but I still found it addictively good.

Hotel Bruny on Urbanspoon

Perhaps a walk through some more scenery at dusk, before our last Bruny foodie stop?

Oh my.  That fresh air is so good for digestion, isn’t it?  It almost means I could eat ALL DAY.

Here we are at the Bruny Island Cheese Company.  When I first came to Bruny Island for a day trip about 5 years ago, I came to this cheesery and fell in love.  I went there on the recommendation of a good friend, to whom I will always be grateful for telling me the wonders of Bruny Island.  Things were a little simpler back then.  Get Shucked wasn’t licensed and the Bruny Island Cheese Company was a bit smaller than it is today.  I think that since the Gourmet Farmer has shone light on the Bruny Island Cheese Company it has grown to be a well known attraction.

We ordered a wood-fired pizza (topped with their fabulous ‘Tom’ cheese) and a couple of glasses of Bruny Island Pinot Noir.  The wine was plump and delicious.  When they brought out the pizza, they apologised that it was a little steamed, as they were baking bread in the oven at the same time.  The pizza tasted really nice, flavour wise, but it wasn’t crispy.  It was limp and that was kinda disappointing.

I took an ODO (short for one day old) cheese home.  This fresh marinated cheese was lovely in salads and with roasted tomatoes on bread.  I also stocked up on some of their lovely cheese accompaniments – their spiced cherries and spiced peaches are yum.

Bruny Island Cheese Co. on Urbanspoon

There was no sponsorship provided for any part of this post.  We travelled and ate like gluttonous pigs here on our own purse strings.

So, that’s a wrap on exploring Bruny Island and its top foodie hotspots.  What do you think?
Do you love oysters or hate them?
Will me doing posting more about oysters make you unsubscribe or jump with glee?  

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  1. cat@thatbettiething says:

    Hi Heike!
    I’m not an oyster fan, but the rest of my family is. So yes. We will jump with joy!! I love the fact that you gave your honest opinion. Thanks, that is refreshing. :) and down here in Tas-Vegas we hear that we grow the best oysters in the world. Is it true??
    That view must’ve made up for the limp pizza?! Do they still have the info about Truginini at the look out?
    Keep it coming… !!

    • Hi Cat,
      Tas oysters are definitely up there with the world’s best, I reckon!
      Yes, they do have the info about Truginini at the look out. It’s nice that there is so much info to read about the place there.
      Hope you’re well

  2. Those oysters look amazing!

  3. thatsummerfeeling1 says:

    Love this one too. Another place for my list.

  4. I’m not into oysters, naked or clothed, but give me some good artisan cheese any day! My husband and I are always game for some wood fired pizza. In fact we’re leaving on a short road trip today and hope to be having wood fired pizza made with local ingredients by the ocean tonight! Throw in a good micro beer and we’re in heaven! Love the sunset pictures! Makes me want to travel!

  5. peta herrling says:

    Love to go to Bruny Island. Looks amazing and the local food looks to die for. Are the oysters farmed or do they just form on the rocks? What are the local people like? I would imagine they would be very relaxed. Photos as usual are great! Love Mum xx :) :)

    • These ones are farmed. But we did see plenty of oysters growing naturally on the rocks around Bruny. The water is so pristine there that I think you could eat them straight from the rocks without a worry!
      The locals we met were really lovely and friendly. I think you’re right – it must be easy to be relaxed when you live on an island :)
      Thanks mum xox

  6. Love those wooden pineapple platters on the wall – very cool, Flick x

  7. I’m hooked Heike. Oysters are one of my many fave foods, and you are right, naked is best. We live 45 minutes from Cowell in SA and they feature often at our dinner table – no special occasion required. I keep trying to get the kids to eat them, but no luck at this stage – at least it means more for Yap and me.
    Am loving your writing and the pics are divine. Many thanks for sharing and I’ve now got Bruny Is. on my agenda.

    • Oh wow. You are SOOOOOO lucky! Cowell’s oysters are definitely some of our favs so far. I love that the school there teaches Oyster Farming!!! I’m tempted to move there once we have kids, just so I can aspire to being the mother of an oyster farmer one day!

  8. I can’t wait to go there! They should have paid you for such a great promo.

    I loved that photo with your shadow in it. What a corker that is!

    You went to the cheese and I didn’t see you again – I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and can’t wait to follow your travels around Australia.

    • Ha! Thanks Maureen. I’m not Lauren Bath! It would be nice to be paid, but I’m happy as is for the moment.
      I know, it was such a shame that they finished the conference all split up like that. They should have brought us all back together for afternoon tea or something. Oh well. Glad to have connected. I’ll be sure to keep in touch. Love your blog :)
      x Heike


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